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Sui Dhaaga

Sui Dhaaga – Made in India is a heartwarming story of pride and self-reliance. Mauji (Varun Dhawan) stays in a village near Delhi with his wife Mamta (Anushka Sharma), father (Ra . . .  more

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Lez Bomb

A still closeted young woman brings her girlfriend home for Thanksgiving, only to have her coming out efforts thwarted by the unexpected arrival of her male roommate. . . .  more

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A Veteran's Christmas

Captain Grace Garland (Mumford), a decorated U.S. veteran, returns home after two tours of Search and Rescue in Afghanistan. After being separated from her beloved K9 partner, Grac . . .  more

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Sadie (2018) Drama ,


While her father is away serving in the military, Sadie battles to preserve his place on the home front when her mother takes an interest in a new man. . . .  more

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Penance (2018) Action ,


Father Eion O'Donnell is unambiguous about the need to use violence to force Britain out of Ireland. He influences a young impressionable boy, Antaine to fight in the 1916 Rising. . . .  more

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The Bride

Sting is Doctor Frankenstein in this remake of the old classic film Bride of Frankenstein. After years of research, the doctor finally succeeds in creating the perfect woman, who g . . .  more

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Death Warrant

The Canadian policeman Louis Burke is assigned in a jail to investigate in some murders of prisoners and jailors. When in jail, Lois, using his outstandings martial arts is able to . . .  more

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Carnivore (2000) Horror ,


A government experiment goes totally wrong as a creature confined in a hidden lab inside and abandoned house escapes. Afterwards, some teens show up to have a little fun in the hou . . .  more

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Liberation Day

Under the loving but firm guidance of an old fan turned director and cultural diplomat, and to the surprise of a whole world, the ex-Yugoslavian cult band Laibach becomes the first . . .  more

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Premier de cordée

A screen adaptation of the well-known novel by Roger Frison-Roche about the harsh lives of mountain guides and their families in the French Alps, near Chamonix and the French/Swiss . . .  more

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Follow the Fleet

When the fleet puts in at San Francisco, sailor Bake Baker tries to rekindle the flame with his old dancing partner, Sherry Martin, while Bake's buddy Bilge Smith romances Sherry's . . .  more

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Cheap Thrills

Recently fired and facing eviction, a new dad has his life turned upside down when he meets a wealthy couple who offer a path to financial security... but at a price. . . .  more

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Bunni (2013) Horror ,


Following a Halloween party, an attractive girl and her friends must fight to escape the nightmarish dwelling of a twisted killer with a dark secret. . . .  more

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Blue Hole

A madman claims that an eerie pond, near a cabin in the woods, can bring back the dead. Inspired by a true story and a real place in New Jersey. . . .  more

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SuicideGirls Must Die!

When twelve nude models for the infamous begin disappearing from a remote cabin, the calendar video they are shooting becomes the first reality horror movie. . . .  more

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World of Darkness

An in-depth look into how the World of Darkness and Vampire: The Masquerade created a phenomenon in the 1990's - a zeitgeist that helped shape film, literature, fashion, club cultu . . .  more

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The Last House

After his girlfriend is kidnapped by a satanic trio of escaped mental patients, a young man must rescue her from a Hollywood home before their sadistic plans can be realized. . . .  more

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