A 1080p60 remastering of the three PlayStation 3 Uncharted games, with Bluepoint Games at the helm. Buying the collection gave players early access to Uncharted 4: A Thief's End's 2015 December multiplayer beta, however this is the only multiplayer component of the package and neither Uncharted 2 nor Uncharted 3's multiplayer components are available.

Three new modes have been added for the collection, being Explorer Mode, which greatly reduces the difficulty of the combat; Brutal Difficulty Mode, which acts as an extra hard difficulty setting even above Crushing; and Speed Run Mode, which introduces a timer and tasks players to compete against their friends via leaderboards in completing certain sections as fast as possible.

A photo mode that allows players to pause the game and spectate the area for pictures is available as well.

Improvements & Alterations

Character skin Cutter (left) standing next to story Cutter.
Character skin Cutter (left) standing next to story Cutter.
  • Unlike its original PS3 release, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception includes all of the same sort of unlockable cheats and tweaks that the first two games have. This includes character skins, graphical filters, infinite ammo settings, slow-motion mode, and ect. However the character skins are taken from the multiplayer and are thusly of a much lower quality than their single-player counterparts. Furthermore, unlockable weapons are restricted to the character-specific cosmetic variants of those that could be selected as multiplayer loadouts. This thusly makes weapons like the SPAS shotgun and Mag 5 pistol unavailable.
  • Nathan Drake in Drake's Fortune was given extra stubble to make him better resemble his future appearances in the latter two Uncharteds.
  • Collectable treasures are now tracked per chapter in Drake's Fortune like the later games.
  • Weapon icons for Drake's Fortune & Among Thieves have been updated to resemble those from Drake's Deception.


Before its official announcement, it was briefly shown on the PlayStation 4 digital store before being removed soon after. The collection was then officially announced only hours later.


The Uncharted Title's cutscenes were compiled in early-release and became popular on Youtube as a game movie.