Unruly Heroes is an action-packed 2D platformer inspired by the famous Chinese novel "Journey to the West" also know as the Monkey King Legend.

Assuming the role of one of four unlikely heroes, players will test their mettle against tough environmental obstacles and unexpected challenges, and go toe-to-toe with a rogues’ gallery of foes.

Set against lushly illustrated environments in a hand-drawn art style, the game updates that classic tale to make for an epic adventure that is more colorful and lighthearted than the original.

In addition to this fantasy adventure, players will be able to fight their friends in local or online PvP.


The sacred scroll preserving harmony in our world has been torn up and scattered to the winds. Now, strange and terrifying creatures are sowing discord and chaos throughout the land.

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Guided by the Guanyin Pusa, the Goddess of Mercy (well, at least, she's trying), Wukong the Monkey King, Sanzang the sleeping wise monk, Kihong the greedy pig and Sandmonk the sensitive brute, must collect all the scroll fragments and travel to fantastical worlds to restore balance... or die trying!

During this odyssey, this gang of totally opposed and implausible heroes has no choice but to join forces and finally understand what it takes to be a hero.