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Gone with the Wind

Vivien Leigh

Scarlett O'Hara

Clark Gable

Rhett Butler

Olivia de Havilland

Melanie Hamilton

Leslie Howard

Ashley Wilkes

Hattie McDaniel


Thomas Mitchell

Gerald O'Hara

Barbara O'Neil

Ellen O'Hara

Evelyn Keyes

Suellen O'Hara

Ann Rutherford

Carreen O'Hara

George Reeves

Brent Tarleton

Fred Crane

Stuart Tarleton

Oscar Polk


Butterfly McQueen


Victor Jory

Jonas Wilkerson

Everett Brown

'Big Sam'

Howard C. Hickman

John Wilkes

Alicia Rhett

India Wilkes

Rand Brooks

Charles Hamilton

Carroll Nye

Frank Kennedy

Laura Hope Crews

Aunt 'Pittypat' Hamilton

Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson

Aunt Pittypat's Coachman 'Uncle Peter'

Harry Davenport

Dr. Meade

Leona Roberts

Mrs. Meade

Jane Darwell

Mrs. Merriwether

Ona Munson

Belle Watling

Paul Hurst

Yankee Deserter

Isabel Jewell

Emmy Slattery

Cammie King

Bonnie Blue Butler

Eric Linden

Amputation Case

J.M. Kerrigan

Johnny Gallagher

Ward Bond

Tom the Yankee Captain

Jackie Moran

Phil Meade

Cliff Edwards

Reminiscent Soldier

Lillian Kemble-Cooper

Bonnie's Nurse in London

Yakima Canutt


Marcella Martin

Cathleen Calvert

Louis Jean Heydt

Hungry Soldier Holding Beau Wilkes

Mickey Kuhn

Beau Wilkes

Olin Howland

A Carpetbagger Businessman

Irving Bacon


Robert Elliott

Yankee Major

William Bakewell

Mounted Officer

Mary Anderson

Maybelle Merriwether

Eric Alden

Rafe Calvert (uncredited)

John Arledge

Dying Soldier (uncredited)

Roscoe Ates

Convalescent Soldier (uncredited)

Trevor Bardette

Minor Role (uncredited)

James Bush

Gentleman (uncredited)

Horace B. Carpenter

Atlanta Citizen (uncredited)

Louise Carter

Bandleader's Wife (uncredited)

Eddy Chandler

Sergeant at Hospital (uncredited)

Wallis Clark

Poker-Playing Captain (uncredited)

Frank Coghlan Jr.

Collapsing Soldier (uncredited)

Billy Cook

Boy with Tears When Death Rolls Are Read (

Gino Corrado

Minor Role (uncredited)

Kernan Cripps

Yankee Soldier in Shantytown (uncredited)

Yola d'Avril

Belle's Girl (uncredited)

Lester Dorr

Minor Role (uncredited)

Richard Farnsworth

Soldier (uncredited)

Frank Faylen

Soldier Aiding Dr. Meade (uncredited)

George Hackathorne

Wounded Soldier in Pain (uncredited)

Si Jenks

Yankee on Street (uncredited)

Tommy Kelly

Boy in Band (uncredited)

Margaret Mann

Woman Writing Letter at Atlanta Church Hos

George Meeker

Poker-Playing Captain (uncredited)

Charles Middleton

Man with Stove Pipe Hat in Charge of Convi

Alberto Morin

Rene Picard (uncredited)

David Newell

Cade Calvert (uncredited)

Lee Phelps

Bartender (uncredited)

Marjorie Reynolds

Guest at Twelve Oaks (uncredited)

Suzanne Ridgeway

Cancan Girl (uncredited)

Scott Seaton

Guest at Birthday Party (uncredited)

Tom Seidel

Tony Fontaine (uncredited)

Harry Strang

Tom's Aide (uncredited)

Tom Tyler

Commanding Officer During Evacuation (uncr

Dale Van Sickel

Gentleman at Twelve Oaks Barbecue (uncredi

E. Alyn Warren

Frank Kennedy's Clerk (uncredited)

Blue Washington

Renegade's Companion (uncredited)

Dan White

Minor Role (uncredited)

Ernest Whitman

Carpetbagger's Friend (uncredited)

Guy Wilkerson

Wounded Card Player (uncredited)

John Wray

Prison Gang Overseer (uncredited)

Arthur Tovey

Leslie Howard Double

Victor Fleming


David O. Selznick


Max Steiner


William Cameron Menzies


Walter Plunkett

Costume & Make-Up

Ben Hecht


Sydney Guilaroff

Costume & Make-Up

Ben Nye

Costume & Make-Up

Yakima Canutt


Short Details

An American classic in which a manipulative woman and a roguish man carry on a turbulent love affair in the American south during the Civil War and Reconstruction.

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