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The Enforcer

Humphrey Bogart

Dist. Atty. Martin Ferguson

Zero Mostel

Big Babe Lazick

Ted de Corsia

Joseph Rico

Everett Sloane

Albert Mendoza

Roy Roberts

Capt. Frank Nelson

Michael Tolan

James (Duke) Malloy

King Donovan

Sgt. Whitlow

Bob Steele


Don Beddoe

Thomas O'Hara

Tito Vuolo

Tony Vetto

John Kellogg


Jack Lambert

Philadelphia Tom Zaca

Helen Brown

Landlady (uncredited)

Susan Cabot

Nina Lombardo (uncredited)

Raoul Walsh


Robert Burks


Short Details

After years of pursuit, Assistant D.A. Martin Ferguson has a good case against Murder, Inc. boss Albert Mendoza. Mendoza is in jail and his lieutenant Joseph Rico is going to testify. But Rico falls to his death and Ferguson must work through the night going over everything to bu. . .

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