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The Battle of the River Plate

John Gregson

Captain Bell, H.M.S. Exeter

Anthony Quayle

Commodore Harwood, H.M.S. Ajax

Peter Finch

Captain Langsdorff, Admiral Graf Spee

Ian Hunter

Captain Woodhouse, H.M.S. Ajax

Jack Gwillim

Captain Parry, H.M.S. Achilles

Bernard Lee

Captain Dove, M.S. Africa Shell

Lionel Murton

Mike Fowler

Anthony Bushell

Sir Millington Drake, British Minister, Mo

Peter Illing

Dr. Guani, Foreign Minister, Uruguay

Michael Goodliffe

Captain McCall R.N., British Naval Attache

Patrick Macnee

Lieutenant Commander Medley R.N.

John Chandos

Dr. Langmann, German Minister, Montevideo

Douglas Wilmer

M. Desmoulins, French Minister, Montevideo

Roger Delgado

Captain Varela, Uruguayan Navy

Andrew Cruickshank

Captain Stubbs - Doric Star

Christopher Lee


David Farrar


Jeremy Kemp

Gunner, H.M.S. Achilles

John Le Mesurier

Reverend George Groves - Padre, HMS Exeter

Cyril Luckham

Lieutenant Jasper Abbot, H.M.S. Achilles

Donald Moffat

Swanston, Lookout, H.M.S. Ajax

Anthony Newley

Radio Operator, Tairoa, Prisoner on Admira

Nigel Stock

Chief Officer, Tairoa, Prisoner on Admiral

Michael Powell


Emeric Pressburger


Emeric Pressburger


Michael Powell


Emeric Pressburger


Michael Powell


Short Details

In the opening years of World War II the Royal Navy was fighting a desperate battle to keep the Atlantic convoy routes open and the British Isles supplied. Of great danger were the numerous surface/commerce raiders that had slipped out of German waters just before war was declare. . .

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