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While the City Sleeps

Dana Andrews

Edward Mobley

Rhonda Fleming

Dorothy Kyne

George Sanders

Mark Loving, KNS Chief

Howard Duff

Lt. Burt Kaufman

Thomas Mitchell

John Day Griffith (Sentinel managing edito

Vincent Price

Walter Kyne

Sally Forrest

Nancy Liggett

John Drew Barrymore

Robert Manners

James Craig

'Honest' Harry Kritzer

Ida Lupino

Mildred Donner

Robert Warwick

Amos Kyne

Mae Marsh

Mrs. Manners

Ralph Peters

Gerald Meade (Sentinel crime reporter)

Larry J. Blake

Tim, Police Desk Sergeant

Celia Lovsky

Miss Dodd (Kyne's nurse)

Ed Hinton

Mike O'Leary, Plainclothes Man

Vladimir Sokoloff

George 'Pop' Pilski

Fritz Lang


Short Details

Newspaper men compete against each other to find a serial killer dubbed "The Lipstick Killer"

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