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Vice Raid

Mamie Van Doren

Carol Hudson

Richard Coogan

Police Sgt. Whitey Brandon

Brad Dexter

Vince Malone

Barry Atwater

Phil Evans

Frank Gerstle

Capt. William Brennan

Chris Alcaide


Jack Kenney

Mob Boss Leo Dempsey

George Cisar

Mob Boss Marty Heffner

Nestor Paiva

Mob Boss Frank Burke

John Zaremba

Assistant D.A. Marsh

Russ Bender

Lawyer Drucker

Nelson Leigh

Louise's Doctor

Jeanne Bates


Lester Dorr

Malone's Secretary

Paul Bryar

Second Internal Affairs Examiner

John Hart

Blond Gunman at Office Door

Edward L. Cahn


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Short Details

A prostitute sets out to frame a cop.

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