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The Disorderly Orderly

Jerry Lewis

Jerome Littlefield

Karen Sharpe

Julie Blair

Glenda Farrell

Dr. Jean Howard

Everett Sloane

Mr. Tuffington

Kathleen Freeman

Nurse Higgins

Del Moore

Dr. Davenport

Alice Pearce

Mrs. Fuzzibee, Talkative Patient

Milton Frome

Board Member

Jack E. Leonard

Fat Jack

Barbara Nichols

Miss Marlowe

Frank Tashlin


Frank Tashlin


Edith Head

Costume & Make-Up

Short Details

The Disorderly Orderly is a 1964 American comedy film released by Paramount Pictures, and starring Jerry Lewis. The film was produced by Paul Jones with a screenplay by director Frank Tashlin, based on a story by Norm Liebermann and Ed Haas.

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