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The Human Goddess

Li Ching

Seventh Sister

Chin Feng

Dong Zi Li

Pang Pang

Uncle Bull

Lee Pang-Fei

Chairman Xu Cai Fa

Chiu Hung

Wan Si Tong

Dean Shek

Playboy #1

Hoh Ban


Wong Ching-Wan

First Sister

Hao Li-Jen

Bidder for orphanage land

Gam Tin-Chue

Bidder at auction

Mama Hung

Nightclub customer

Sai Gwa-Pau

Nightclub customer

Ho Meng-Hua


Ho Meng-Hua


Chiang Hsing-Lung


Short Details

Li Ching is the Seventh Sister, an angel who comes down from heaven to see what life in Hong Kong is like. In Hong Kong, she runs into Zili(Chin Feng), a reincarnated version of her deceased lover, Dong Yong. Zili, with help from cook Uncle Bull(the warm, portly Peng Peng), do th. . .

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