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Royal Space Force - The Wings Of Honneamise

Leo Morimoto

Shirotsugh Lhadatt (voice)

Mitsuki Yayoi

Riquinni Nonderaiko (voice)

Kazuyuki Sogabe

Marty Tohn (voice)

Bin Shimada

Yanaran (voice)

Hirotaka Suzuoki

Domorhot (voice)

Yoshito Yasuhara

Nekkerout (voice)

Chikao Ohtsuka

Dr. Gnomm (voice)

Hiroyuki Yamaga


Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

Visual Effects

Hiroyuki Yamaga


Ryuichi Sakamoto


Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

Visual Effects

Hideaki Anno

Visual Effects

Short Details

On a future Earth, war between the Kingdom of Honneamise and its rival, The Republic, is inevitable. As evolving technology creates new ways to wage war, a small group seeks to propel mankind into space in their world’s first spaceflight program. For astronaut candidate Shirots. . .

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