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Fletch Lives

Chevy Chase

Irwin 'Fletch' Fletcher

Hal Holbrook

Hamilton "Ham" Johnson

Julianne Phillips

Becky Culpepper

R. Lee Ermey

Jimmy Lee Farnsworth

Richard Libertini

Frank Walker

Cleavon Little

Calculus Entropy

George Wyner

Marvin Gillet

Patricia Kalember

Amanda Ray Ross

Geoffrey Lewis

KKK Leader

Richard Belzer


Phil Hartman

Bly Manager

Titos Vandis

Uncle Kakakis

Don Hood

Tom Barbour

Randall 'Tex' Cobb

Ben Dover

Dennis Burkley

Joe Jack

Michael Ritchie


Short Details

Fletch is a fish out of water in small-town Louisiana, where he's checking out a tumbledown mansion he's inherited. When a woman he flirts with turns up dead, Fletch becomes a suspect and must find the killer and clear his name. In the meantime, he's got some serious home-ownersh. . .

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