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The Miracle of Bern

Peter Lohmeyer

Richard Lubanski

Johanna Gastdorf

Christa Lubanski

Mirko Lang

Bruno Lubanski

Birthe Wolter

Ingrid Lubanski

Katharina Wackernagel

Annette Ackermann

Peter Franke

Sepp Herberger

Sascha Göpel

Helmut Rahn

Simon Verhoeven

Ottmar Walter

Lucas Gregorowicz

Paul Ackermann

Sönke Wortmann


Sönke Wortmann


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Short Details

The movie deals with the championship-winning German soccer team of 1954. Its story is linked with two others: The family of a young boy is split due to the events in World War II, and the father returns from Russia after eleven years. The second story is about a reporter and his. . .

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