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Sector 7

Ha Ji-won

Cha Hae-joon

Oh Ji-ho

Kim Dong-soo

Ahn Sung-ki

Lee Jeong-man

Park Chul-min

Do Sang-goo

Song Sae-byuk

Go Jong-yoon

Lee Han-wi

Jang Moon-hyeong

Cha Ye-ryun

Park Hyeon-jeong

Kim Ji-young

Cha Hae-joon (young)

Kim Ji-hoon


Kim Ji-hoon


JK Youn


JK Youn


Short Details

In Sector 7, an underwater oil field located south of Jeju Island, Hae-jun is working as a marine equipment manager on an oil prospecting ship called Eclipse. Joining the crew later is Jeong-man, a former colleague of Hae-jun's father, assigned to Eclipse as captain. Though his j. . .

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