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Full Strike

Josie Ho

Beast Ng Kau Sau

Ronald Cheng

Suck Nipple Cheung

Tse Kwan-Ho

Ng Kau Chun

Ekin Cheng

Lau Dan

Wilfred Lau

Ma Kun

Edmond Leung

Lam Chiu

Andrew Lam

Champion Chik

Siu Yam-Yam

Grandma Mui

Eric Kwok Wai-Leung

Wong Lung Wai

Grace Yip

Kau-sau's rival

Michael Tse

Inspector Cheung

Philip Keung

Brother Crazy Dog

Harriet Yeung

Lancy Lam

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Short Details

Ng Kau Sau was once Queen in badminton, she gave up herself after being expelled from the sport. One day she met a brunch of terrible weirdoes: the Drunken Master who was lying on the ground, one-armed Lam Chiu, visually-impaired Ma Kun, and the scar-faced boss Lau Dan who suffer. . .

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