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Buddy Cops

Eric Tsang

Man Sir

Stanley Fung

Philip Chan

Jordan Chan

Lau Jing [Cameo]

Bosco Wong

Chan Kin-Fei

Gordon Lam

Hung Cheng-Ting

Kate Tsui

Petite Princess

Charmaine Fong


Jin Gang

Johnny Li

Elaine Jin


Candice Yu

Madam Chu

Lo Hoi-Pang

Lo Hoi

Lo Meng

Mr. Cool

Ricky Yi Fan-Wai


Eric Tsang


Eric Tsang


Short Details

After the hot-tempered police detective Fei messes up yet another operation, he is transferred to a fictional department that houses all the useless staff the force couldn’t sack. There he finds a new enemy in the mild-mannered desk officer Johnny, who loathes Fei’s disregard. . .

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