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The King

Jo In-sung

Park Tae-su

Jung Woo-sung

Han Kang-sik

Bae Seong-woo

Yang Dong-chul

Kim Ah-joong

Lim Sang-hee

Ryu Jun-yeol

Choi Doo-il

Kim Eui-sung

Kim Eung-su

Jung Eun-chae

Park Si-yeon

Kim So-jin

Ahn Hee-yeon

Hwang Seung-Eon

Jeon Hee-sung

Lee Joo-yeon

Cha Mi-ryun

Han Soo-yeon

Head Hostess

Keum Sae-rok

Hee-sung's friend 2

Kim Woo-hyung


Cho Sang-kyung

Costume & Make-Up

Short Details

Born in a poor family, Tae-su learns that the power is the most important thing in life and decides to become a prosecutor, the biggest symbol of power in the 90’s. After entering the most prestigious law school, experiencing democratic resistance in Korea, Tae-su finally reach. . .

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