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Ryu Seung-ryong

Shin Suk-Hun

Shim Eun-kyung

Shin Roo-Mi

Park Jung-min

Kim Jeong-hyeon

Kim Min-jae

President Min

Jung Yu-mi

Director Hong

Yoo Seung-mok

Mr. Kim

Kim Yeong-seon

Roo-mi's Mom

Ye Soo-jung

Mr. Jeong's Sister

Tae Hang-Ho

President Min's Subordinate

Jung Young-ki

Young Detective 1

Lee Je-yeon

Suspended Special Forces Soldier

Kim Ki-chun

Security Guard

Go Na-Hee

Young Roo-mi

Yeon Sang-ho


Yeon Sang-ho


Short Details

An ordinary guy suddenly finds he has superpowers he can use to help his spirited daughter and the people around them, but he also runs into trouble in the process.

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