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L Storm

Louis Koo

William Luk

Julian Cheung

Lau Po-Keung

Kevin Cheng

Ching Tak-ming

Stephy Tang

Eva Ng

Patrick Tam

Wong Hoi-wo

Michael Tse

Tik Wai-kit

Louis Cheung


BabyJohn Choi

Chan Chun-fai

Janelle Sing

Tammy Tam

Liu Kai-Chi

Tsui Yau-choi

Ding Haifeng

Hong Liang

Lo Hoi-Pang

Short Details

ICAC Investigator William Luk and JFIU Chief Inspector Lau Po-keung both hit a dead end in their investigation of a bribery case and a money laundering case. In the meantime, William Luk was suspended when model Eva Ng went to Inspector Kenny Ching of ICAC’s Internal Investigat. . .

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