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1 - Pilot

Former CIA agent Erica Shepherd, now known as one of the most notorious traitors in recent American history. Shepherd is brought out of a federal Supe

Season : 1 | Episode: 1

2 - Black Bear

When a former CIA operative is murdered, Keaton enlists Shepherd to help recover valuable intel that could take down Tal once and for all. But the que

Season : 1 | Episode: 2

3 - The Ambassador's Wife

Following the discovery that a U.S. ambassador is selling classified intelligence to a Colombian cartel, Shepherd devises a plan to catch him that wil

Season : 1 | Episode: 3

4 - Confessions

When intelligence obtained by Shepherd during her stint at the notorious ADMAX prison is linked to a pending attack on U.S. soil, Keaton and the CoInt

Season : 1 | Episode: 4

5 - Havana

Once Shepherd convinces Keaton that Anna Cruz is a mole inside the FBI working for Tal, Keaton decides to keep his enemies close. With a fox in their

Season : 1 | Episode: 5

6 - Eye of Horus

After a bomb explodes in Jersey City, the Cointel team captures a key planner, Sam Fathi, who can lead them to Tal, the mastermind behind the bombing.

Season : 1 | Episode: 6

7 - Decoded

When the FBI intercepts stolen NSA software intended for Tal, Keaton uses the technology as an opportunity to go on the offensive and sends Shepherd u

Season : 1 | Episode: 7

8 - An Offer

Flashbacks to the past reveal the fateful events that led CIA Deputy Director Erica Shepherd to betray her country and the ensuing investigation that

Season : 1 | Episode: 8

9 - Homecoming

After a major Tal operative escapes CIA custody, Shepherd returns to Langley to help track the fugitive down. Shepherd and Keaton discover the CIA is

Season : 1 | Episode: 9

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