Nimki Phulki 2

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 01/Nov/2021
much-awaited is set for release on Amazon Prime tonight. Here are a few reasons.is a remake of Andhadhun. Prithviraj in Bhramam reprises the role played.Prithviraj looks a lot fitter in his upcoming film Bhramam than he has ever looked in a career spanning over two decades. But, he’s in a profession that requires him to undertake some drastic physical makeovers. So, how he looks today depends on the last character he played.“I am not somebody who has the liberty to be consistent in the way I look. A year ago, I went on to lose about a third of my body weight for Aadujeevitham. And then for another film, I had to gain back some muscle,” Prithviraj told.“For Bhramam, Ravi K Chanran wanted me to look like me (read handsome). And so while making this film, I ate well, worked out well.Nimki Phulki 2 2021 Full Movie Download And obviously, everyone looks great in the film because we are all shot by Ravi K Chandran,” he added.When the director-cinematographer came onboard for Bhramam, which is the official Malayalam remake of Ayushmann Khurrana and Tabu starrer Andhadhun, he just wanted to stick to direction. “He wanted to delegate the cinematography responsibility to somebody else. Only on my insistence, he agreed to do the camera. I was selfish about it. I wanted to be photographed by him. But, I never saw Ravi K Chandran, the cinematographer at all. I only remember seeing the director,” he recalled.Prithviraj is confident that Ravi has not only made a good-looking film but also outdone the original when it comes to dark humour. “Ravi had this clear idea about wanting to make this film funny. I think Bhramam is funnier than Andhadhun. He was also keen on making the characters and their world more wicked. And I think he succeeded,” he said.Prithviraj nurtured the plan to remake Andhadhun much before Ravi came to him with Bhramam. “Andhandun is a great piece of cinema. Also, its story came across as a film that would lend itself to the Malayalam milieu and our nativity. It is not surprising at all that many wanted to make a Malayalam version of it. I am just lucky that it came to me,” he remarked.

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