• Genre: Romance
  • Release year: 10/Oct/2019
Avik is a 22-year-old boy. He lives outside the city. His father enquires whether he will be coming home during the Pujas. Avik comes back. When he converses with his sister, we come to know that his parents have separated and that is why they will not be organizing the Pujas this time. His ex-girlfriend Rai comes to meet him. Rai suggests whether she and Avik’s friends could organize the puja. They ask for permission from Avik’s father. He gives him permission after much hesitation. They begin the preparations. Two days before Mahalaya, Avik says that he will miss his mother very much. His mother comes back on the occasion of Mahalaya. Avik becomes emotional. Both the Goddess and his mother arrive at the same time.

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