Neeli Hakki

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release year: 21/Aug/2021
There is a quaint village far away from the noisy streets of the town. This little village is situated on the verge of a dense forest - mysterious in its ways and full of life. Secluded as it is, this village is home to a few people - some farmers, a teacher, an all-in-one shop owner and even some misfits of the world. This strange little world is home to Sidda, a 10 year old boy who is the only child of Maasti, a lazy farmer and Ganapi, a progressive woman who dreams of living in the town. Sidda spends most of his time with his grandfather, Sukrajja who has surrendered himself to the forest. Sukrajja, tells Sidda various stories about his adventures in the forest and shares memories of his late wife. Sidda is captivated by these stories and enthralled when Sukrajja gives him a hand-made wind instrument. Sidda's journey of internal conflicts begins when he realises the people of the village mock his dearest grandfather, his only friend leaves the village to join a boarding school and due to some unavoidable circumstances, the family is forced to move to the city. The film documents Sidda's journey as he explores the dense forest and sustainable living versus the chaotic hustle of the city that makes him feel alienated. Inspired by the folk tales his grandfather narrates, the 10 year old learns to explore all options before he makes the most important decision of returning to his roots

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