I'm Not Him

  • Genre:
  • Release year: 30/Mar/2021
  • Running time: 01:28 hour
Jimmy Valentino has been saved by a miracle - or at least that's what he believes. Given his second chance, Jimmy conveys what he's discovered to other terminally ill patients who, to his astonishment, quickly recover. Jimmy tries to keep his profile and the results of his interventions under the radar but when word spreads, the world converges upon him. A few admire him. Some try to imitate him. Most denounce and disparage what he does as dangerous and sacrilegious. When a patient dies after following what he believes is Jimmy's advice, Jimmy is arrested and prosecuted. With his life in peril once again, Jimmy needs another miracle - one that can't be questioned.

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Kelly Deadmon
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Leigh-Ann Rose
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John Palladino
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Annie Heise