Those Snow White Notes (2021)

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  • 16+
Sawamura Matsugorou is a shamisen player of legendary talent. Upon his death, his grandson, Sawamura Yuki, lost his ability to play. Having lost his beloved sound, Yuki finds himself in Tokyo in search of a new sound to love. Tachimura Yuna, who works at a club, hooks him up with a gig to play there as a warm up act. Yuki imbues the sound of his shamisen with his many thoughts and feelings he has of others, still searching for his own sound and his own feelings.
# Title Air Date
1 Desolate 03/04/2021 Download
2 Apple Blossoms 10/04/2021 Download
3 Sudden Downpour 17/04/2021 Download
4 Spring Dawn 24/04/2021 Download
5 Playing Together 01/05/2021 Download
6 Homeland 08/05/2021 Download
7 Wind 15/05/2021 Download
8 Tuning Fork 22/05/2021 Download
9 Snow Flurries 29/05/2021 Download
10 Wind From the Mountains 05/06/2021 Download
11 Memories 12/06/2021 Download
12 Those Snow White Notes 19/06/2021 Download

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Nobunaga Shimazaki
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Takako Honda
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Tatsuhisa Suzuki
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Nobuhiko Okamoto
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Reina Kondo
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Yume Miyamoto
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Yoshimasa Hosoya
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Yuuichirou Umehara
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Tasuku Hatanaka
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Shiori Mikami
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Rikako Aida
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