• Genre: Action Comedy
  • Release year: 04/Oct/2019
  • Running time: 2h 5m
Oya High was divided into a part-time system and a full-time system. Yoshiki Murayama (Yuki Yamada) has been the leader of Oya High for a while, and he is now bored without challenge inside the ferocious school. Fujio Hanaoka (Kazuma Kawamura) is a new student transferred to the school who has ambitions to challenge Murayama to a man-to-man fight one day after he acquires the position of leader of the Full-time School. However, there are many other people at the Full-time School aiming for the same leadership position. They are the top-ranked team of Yosuke Todoroki, Shibaman, and Tsuji; the Nakagoshi and Nakaoka, who are leading the second-year and first-year students, respectively; the Yasu-Kiyo faction led by Yasushi and Kiyoshi, who rise to prominence through their crazy fighting style. As the new generation, Fujio, together with his childhood friend Tsukasa and his minion Jamuo, has entered the Warring States period of The Full-time School.
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